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November 25, 2022

Summer is around the corner

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A quick look around prompts you to want to find some home and garden accents that will revamp the lawn. Since homes are not selling as they had, many home owners are looking to better what they have. Whether it is inside the home or outside, curb appeal is making a huge comeback. After all, that is what attracts a passerby to look at your home as they drive by.

Home and Garden Accents

Major landscaping is not needed to make a difference and a huge difference is not needed to create a pleasant lawn. Just some home and garden features and a new look is formed. Flowers to brighten the area around your home and that pretty much will be all that is needed to add major landscaping.

Start with a keen eye to creating a flower garden. If you also want to grow a vegetable backyard but don’t have the room, why not} plant a few vegetables in your flower yard. Lots of showy colors will help offset a green lawn and you will even be able to harvest fresh vegetables. The first thing to do is to mow your backyard in the spring. Apply weed killer and fertilizer. Then turn to creating that flower back garden. The size will depend on the size of your lawn.

Next would be several home and garden highlights. Perhaps new address numbers on the house and a brand new porch light. Solar lighting around your own newly laid flower yard will be a nice added touch. Already built water fountains add the sound of soothing waters trickling over rocks.

Clearing a small area around all the trees and laying down bark will tidy up even the most untamed place. Wind chimes gently moving in the night’s breeze add to the charm of your landscaping and your hard work is going to be have been rewarded.

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