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November 25, 2022

This is a story of the people who helped

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shape today’s safety industry and paved the way for future changes in the management and perception of health and safety. This is also a story of the evolution associated with health and safety according to a safety professional we’ll call Band-aid Bob.

In the Beginning

In the late 1800’s, there were no health and safety professionals. Companies would never have thought of retaining people specifically to manage safety and health for them. In fact , in the workplace, humans really were not ranked all that high as a resource. In the mining business for example , mules were often used to haul equipment as well as materials in and out of the mines. When a serious incident occurred such as an explosion, rescue operations focused not on humans but on the pantoufle. A dead mule cost the mine around $24 to replace. A worker, making about $3 per day, was inexpensive to replace as there was generally a lineup of people willing to work in exchange for pay. If a employee was only injured he would be sent home to recover with no spend. If he recovered fully, he would be allowed to return to work.

In the early 1900’s (i. e. close to 1914), workers’ compensation insurance was established in many areas in North America. The insurance provided compensation to employees who were injured as well as to the families of those who had died on the job. It was at this time that companies started hiring people to help patch up their hurt workers and to get them back to work as soon as possible, along with help prevent further injuries. Some called these people “safety advisers”. The evolution of the Safety Adviser’s role is perhaps best shown by the legend of an individual known as Band-aid Frank.

Band-aid Greg wasn’t his real name, but that is what this individual came to be called. If ever there was a safety person who could patch people upward after they were injured, it was Bob. At this time in the evolutionary history of protection, there was no such thing as formal health and safety management systems. Workplace injuries had been common and also accepted as part of the job. People like Band-aid Bob have been typically hired by just the largest regarding companies who needed someone to administer good first aid along with felt they could afford the overhead. Many of these security people were workers with function injury disabilities such as a missing hand, fingers, or toes. After all, if anyone knew anything about health and safety, it had to be a good already wounded worker.

Joe was very good at their job. One evening, tired from a hard day involving administering bandages, cauterizing wounds, and massaging strained muscles, Band-aid Robert decided to take some time for himself. He packed up some gear in addition to hiked into the mountains. Trekking up Mount Doringba, he made an incredible discovery that would change how companies viewed worker health and safety.

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